6 Ways
TimeTec TA Cloud-Software is Making Employee Scheduling A Breeze
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In running a business whether it is an eatery, a retail outlet, a consulting firm or a factory, one has to know how to schedule their employees to achieve optimum operation’s goals. Truth be told, scheduling employee is far from easy and it can be a time waster if the person responsible for it doesn’t know how to handle it well or even worse (mess it up) because it takes more than employee count in order to get the mix right. Furthermore, the scheduler needs to comprehend the concept of human dynamic when planning to draw an effective employee schedule for an operation. For example, you might get the employee numbers correct but having two As and two Bs is not the same as having A, B and C to run the shift because the schedule requires someone with the C’s skills in order for the shift to be performed effectively. And to top it all, employees also come with a variety of other matters such as leave, absences, exemptions and etc that could potentially affect the schedule planning of your business.

Over the years, many solutions have been introduced to the market to assist companies in schedule planning and now let’s explore how TimeTec TA can make employee scheduling a breeze.
1. Activate System Automation
TimeTec TA promotes automation whereby you can analyze the schedule pattern of your business, identify your staff and plan for the schedules to run automatically for a period of time. Moreover, you are also able to group employees who are in their respective schedules and build the appropriate roster around them and if there are cases involving oneor two absence staff, you’ll know instantly where to get the replacement from thus reducing any "hiccup" and maximizing the operational workflow.
2. Better Human Dynamics
We understand that planning a schedule requires a combined mixture of skills and expertise. However, why make this task even harder than it already is? Instead, wouldn’t it be better if you opt for a software like TimeTec TA to handle your business’s scheduling. What’s more, our cloud solution will allow you to have an overview of the various hired employees coupled with their specific capabilities, within your company thus giving you a heads up in planning for the most efficient schedule according to your present labor force.
3. Cost Controlled
Each staff comes with a cost and depending on your situation, it would be ill-advised to schedule staffs without heeding the supposed expenditure that comes with it. At times, a business needs to know how to properly handle its staffs according to the resources at hand. In recognition of this, we’ve decided that our cloud solution should be priced respectively as well, i.e. only USD 2 per person per month. This allows for low upfront capital investment and high consistent gains on the long run as no major infrastructure is required during the implementation of TimeTec TA and the data it provides grant companies with the capacity to monitor staffs’ behaviour in addition to easily overcoming losses caused by it.
4. Create A Policy For Better Operation
Using our cloud solution, companies can also easily establish policies which makes their handling of schedule planning much more manageable. For example, nobody is allowed to change shift a day before his or her shift actually commences. Again, this ensures that the organization does not encounter certain unforeseen circumstances that could inadvertently lead to unwanted expenses.
5. Avoid Imbalance Schedule
What’s worse than understaffing a schedule? Overstaffing it. Hence, it’s important for a business to get the schedule precisely at the right cost in order to avoid from incurring any unnecessary expenses for the company. With TimeTec TA schedule options such as daily, weekly, flexi, open and so on, we assure you will no longer have to face instances of imbalance schedule anymore as well as the infamous limitations which are synonymous with the concept of a traditional duty roster.
6. Intact Records And Reports
Whenever scheduling is done correctly, it is without doubt that it’ll affect the performance of the staffs positively. Most often, people seldom grasp the complexity which is brought upon by the heaps of records present inside the human resource management and that even a slight blunder would initiate a ‘snowball’ effect, capable of causing major disarray within the company. Which is why, we believe that the 26 types of readily formatted reports included in TimeTec TA would tremendously help prevent the supposed havoc by encouraging consistency without sacrificing comprehensiveness. Plus, all of the generated reports within TimeTec TA can be converted into various digital formats (pdf, xls, doc…) and can be easily exported for security purposes or for convenience sake.
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