Clock Attendance Easily with TimeTec TA
TimeTec TA is a versatile cloud attendance system accessible through different platforms.
Clock your attendance in TimeTec TA through these 4 methods:

Biometric Terminals
Mobile Phone
Web Clocking
Report your attendance using FingerTec biometric terminals and the data will be updated instantly to TimeTec TA. Biometric terminals are sold separately. Contact us at or find our partners to get the terminals.

TimeTec TA Time Attendance Models




TA200 Plus

TA200 Plus (POE)

TimeLine 100

Face ID 4
Face ✔ *
LCD Display Color Color Color Color Color Color B & W Color
WiFi/ GPRS WiFi GPRS only GPRS only A A (WiFi only) GPRS only A (WiFi only)
3G A
Price Range ★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★
A : Available upon request
*: Requires Ingress/TCMS V3 software for face templates transfer. Refer here.
2. TimeTec TA App
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Mobile Clocking with
Geo Location

Clock your attendance; your current location and time will be recorded in TimeTec TA in real time.
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Mobile Clocking with Wifi
Use the authorised wifi as your clocking method, and get accurate clocking times at all times.
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Mobile Clocking with
Time Beacon

Use BLE technology in beacons to report your attendance to work. Just scan the available Beacons and clock your attendance.
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Mobile Clocking with NFC
For Android NFC enabled smartphones user, tap your phone at the NFC tag to clock your attendance.
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NFC vs Beacon
Supervisor Mobile Clocking (with photo option)
Report your staff’s attendance via the Supervisor Mobile Clocking mode. Select the staff’s name, clock his/her attendance and snap a photo as proof.
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3. Web Clocking
For work-from-home employees, simply connect to the Internet from a PC and login to TimeTec TA to clock your attendance. Easy!